Buza commune is located in the northeast of Cluj county, 80 km from Cluj-Napoca, 50 km from Dej and 35 km from Gherla. It is situated at the foot of Ascuţit Hill, which pertains to the Jimborul Hills, having a surface area of 2,937 ha. Its neighbours are the communes of Ţaga, Geaca, Cătina and Chiochiş and its territory is crossed by the river Buza Valley.

The commune consists of Buza (the communal seat) and Rotunda village.

The earliest information about Buza dates from 1329, as was noted in the archive of the Transylvanian Principality, the county archive and State Topographical Consignment of the Principality of Transylvania. At the time, the commune was recorded as "Buza" and some hundred years later as "nobila Buzah" (1644) and "Besoten" (1831). Over the years, the territory was owned by several noblemen.


Local events

Buza commune offers locals and tourists the chance to take active part in local festivities:
• The celebration of Buza commune, held on the first Sunday in September to celebrate the abundance of local harvest and the happiness of being together in good health;
• The "Ball of the Buds", held on February 1 to celebrate the rebirth of nature;
• Harvest Day, held on the first Sunday in October, a celebration filled with great joy and the scent of baked apples, perfumed quinces and sweet grapes.